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Professional Experience



Gun Shy, Melbourne

Internship at Gun Shy teaches me to be extremely attention to details. To be able to appropriately suggested additional items or alternated options to customers. By working most of the time in pattern making section, I have developed my pattern making skills and developed patterns correctly by follow all instructions.


Duperre, Paris

Internship in France was an eyeopening. I have learned to adapt to different cultures and understanding people's values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. In a high standard working environment, to be consistently adhered to quality expectation and standards is significant. I have learned to new techniques and quick adapted to work production.


Australian Young Designers Wool Awards Competition

Participating is this competition has enabled me to gain knowledge about wool and further enhance my research and analyticle skills. I designed and produced a 100% Australian wool jacket to meet the assignment. However, to understand target needs and differentiate my jacket, I researched on the current market trend of jackets and developed the design to be unique and stylish. As a result, I received the Third Place Award in this competition.


The Coles Bizwear Competition

The Coles Bizwear Competition has allowed me to gain research and analytical skills. I worked in a team of four individuals to produce Coles employee uniforms for all levels, ranging from managers to butchers. I conducted research on suitable fabric that will match each employee role. Respectively, my team's design was selected to be one of the three best designs.


Anna Campbell

Working as a production assistance at Anna Campbell was a great experience to see the production in Bridal Wear. Becoming a part of Anna Campbell allowed me to contribute unique beautiful dresses back to the society. The position provided me with opportunities to develop wedding dresses and bridal accessories from scratch. The programme allowed me to expose to the challenging environment. I learned to work with luxurious garment and detail making, while ensuring to finish every detail to high standard and utilize waste.


Melboure Fashion Week Students Runway

To be able to showcase my work at Melbourne Fashion Weeks Students Runway is a meaningful opportunity. Melbourne Fashion Week Students Runway will allow me to showcase my designs to the Australians and people around the world.

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