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Inspired by Post World War II romance novel

Hannah find an unconcious Henry in the middle of the field of vibrant brown ash. While she tends him back to good health, romance blossoms between the two. Eventually however, army duty beckons the love-stuck officer. Hannah offers him a beautiful painting of a hourse as a farewell gift and in return, Henry bequeaths her with his military jacket, a symbolic promise of his return.

The couple begins a long distance relationship, help together by written letters, but eventually the letter stop arriving. A year goes by and just as well hope seem lost. Hannah finds herself in a field of yellow sunflower and hears the sound of a running horse. At long last Henry has returned for his beloved and never leave her side again.

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Aldo Gucci

"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten."

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Women WWII

concepts derived from women living throughout World War Two

Nearly 350,000 American women served in uniform. Women in uniform took office and clerical jobs in the armed force in order to free men to fight. They also drove trucks, repaired airplanes, worked as laboratory technicians, rigged parachutes, served as radio operators, analyzed photographs, flew military aircraft across the country, test-flew newly repaired planes and even trained anti-aircraft artillery gunners by acting as flying targets. At the war’s end, even though a majority of women surveyed reported wanted to keep their jobs, many were forced out by the men returning home and by the downturn in demand for war materials.

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